-User Analysis / User Needs: Personas, Scenarios, Surveys
-Content Inventory / Audit
-Content Gap Analysis
-Competitor Analysis
-Search Engine Optimization Research
-Content Aggregation / Data Sourcing

#Editorial Strategy
-Voice / Style / Brand Guidelines
-Idea / Concept Development
-Development of Themes / Messages / Topics
-Establish Workflow: People, Ownership, Roles, Processes
-Content Plan: What, When, How (Short/Long Term)

-Information Architecture
-Content Management Tools and Practices
*Content Migration
*Content Conversion
*Analytic Configuration
*Establish Content Backup /Versioning / Archival Practices


#Content Creation
#Content Optimization
#Search Engine Optimization
#Accessibility Optimization
#Content Delivery
-Encoding / Converting for YouTube
-Distribution Processes and Tools


-Monitoring / Reacting (e.g. Social Media, Comments, Moderation)
-Social Media Submission / PR /Marketing / Syndication

-Analytics Analysis
-Success Evaluation and Learning

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