blame game, where is humanity

Blame Game, Where is humanity ?


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Sometime you don’t need to do anything wrong to get blame. People judge you anyway and prove you wrong. Even though you are innocent you can’t find a word to clarify yourself.

Have any of you been in these kind of situation ?

World is always like this. Life happens to everyone. As all says- this is a 21st century, our technology are getting smarter and smaller but human brains, only smaller. We, so called must advance living organisms are researching in artificial intelligence but lacking normal human emotions.

Have you ever been taken for granted ?

If a person is taking you for granted it means that he/she expects a certain pattern of behavior from you that is convenient for him/her all the time irrespective of how you’re being treated by that person.

You will be taken for granted when you shower unconditional care and love on a person and that person doesn’t reciprocate on the same terms.

Appropriation is most.

Always appreciate whatever you have. There are many beautiful things in life and if you have the opportunity to live them, never let it go.

“The things which you have right now might be a dream for many”

To sum up everything- there are times when you feel low, unappreciated, taken for granted and you can’t do nothing. Always take a deep breath and move ahead and never explain to anyone, your ill wisher won’t believe you and well wisher don’t need it. Always appreciate whatever you have. Stay happy, stay blessed.

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