sujit luintel

Being a Father, most important and fulfilling job


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After months and months of preparation and waiting, one of the biggest days of my life had arrived on 7th of June 2019.

Nothing had fully prepared me for that moment, it was a moment of learning and self-discovery and most of all, pure happiness!

Being a father is such an entirely unique experience that we truly can’t get it until we have became one.

Taking care of a baby is overwhelming, I am dusted in baby powder all day while getting peed on. Being a loving, involved dad is the best thing we can do for our child.

Being a father is one of the most important and fulfilling job I ever had in my life. I was overwhelmed temporarily, but I got into a routine. I had adjusted my priorities.

Its hard to plan correctly, but if we can do so, we can still find time to see friends or be in a party or watch favorite TV Series. Our needs still matter (it’s just a matter of being patient about when they can be addressed).

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