Abhash Adhikari

Abhash Adhikari is Regional Representative of Digital Marketing Ocean for South Asian Region. He sees all the functions of Digital Marketing Ocean in South Asian countries.

He started his IT background reading computer science and information Technology in TU. He was general member of CSIT Association back in 2012 and as a President in 2015. He has climbed not only the membership ladder of CSIT Association but got various awards and recognition from different government and non government organizations.

He was a member of Youth in ICT of CAN federation. He is actively engaged as a executive board member in IT Federation Nepal and Secretary of ICT Professional Association of Nepal.

He is teaching Digital Marketing courses in various institutions of Nepal.

He is Head of Social Media strategy of Kantipur Media Group (KMG) and MNS Holdings Pvt. Ltd.

To connect with him, mail at : info@digitalmarketingocean.com

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